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Music is taught through practical hands-on activities, which help students to develop creative and powerful ways to express themselves. When students are given the opportunity to respond to, reflect on and analyse music pieces, they develop a critical appreciation of their own work and that of others. As students consider the contexts in which music is heard and created, their awareness is sharpened and they're able to use more techniques in their own compositions. The curriculum framework for music is organised through three strands:

  • Arts practice

  • Arts analysis and response

  • Arts in contexts

These strands are designed to capture ways of 'knowing, understanding and doing' in the arts.

Through the three strands, students develop knowledge and an understanding of the concepts, conventions, skills and techniques of music.

All students at Para East Para play percussion instruments (both tuned and untuned) during their weekly music lessons.

Junior & Senior Choir
Mel Huddleston

Junior Choir - year 2-4 students. Songs are selected to help students understand the vocalization of pitch, tempo, dynamics, form and texture. Students also develop an understanding of choral conventions including canon, split parts and harmony.

Senior Choir - years 5-7 at East Para are involved in the Festival of Music, which culminates each year in a performance at the Festival Theatre.

Students who are not directly involved in the singing part of the Festival can still be involved by auditioning for the drama troupe, choral compere or program compere roles.

Another opportunity for involvement in the Schools' Festival of Music is as a member of the Orchestra. Instrumentalists have the opportunity to audition for a place in the orchestra. For more information contact Mrs Huddleston or the school office.

Coordinator: Sue Legierski                                          
                                                                             East Para Rock Band

In 2006 the school took on the task of providing a quality instrumental music program to its student community. In 2010 we have over 60 students learning a musical instrument.

Instruments currently offered are:

  • Guitar

  • Drums

  • Bass Guitar

  • Vocals

  • Keyboard

Students who are achieving a high standard in their chosen instrument may be recommended by their instrumental teacher to audition for a position in the school band and/or as a front of curtain act at the school's Annual Concert. Each year the instrumental program students showcase what they have achieved at a music evening for their parents and friends in Term 4. For further information about starting an instrument please see Sue at the school's front office or click on this link.

Other Ways Students Can Be Involved In The Arts Programs 
At East Para Primary

School Concert: Each year we have a series of concerts at the school with each class performing. Students are encouraged to audition for a front of curtain act. If successful these students perform on the small stage in front of the curtain while the next item is being prepared on the main stage.

Wakakirri: A story/dance performance is another opportunity for students to be involved in music/drama.

Florey Music Award

Each year the Florey Music Award is given to a Year 7 student who has excelled in the field of music and has also been involved in extra-curricular music activities within the school. This award is designed to say thank-you to the student who has helped in the success of the schools music program. It is awarded at the Year 7 graduation ceremony and announced at the end of year assembly.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact the school on 8264 3944 , Sue Legierski on 82643394 or

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