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Volunteer Requirements  - Volunteer Package available from School Office

It is a Department for Education requirement that all volunteers need both a child related Working With Children Check (WWCC) clearing you to work with children and training in “Responding to Risk, Harm, Abuse and Neglect for Volunteers” RRHAN. You will need to present both the letter of clearance WWCC and the printed certificate from the Responding to Risk, Harm, Abuse and Neglect RRHAN Training to the school’s front office before volunteering on site.

  • A Child related WWCC Clearance is easily obtained by contacting the school to begin an online application. Forms are available from the office. The school will be notified once the clearance has been processed.

  • Only one clearance is issued to a person. If you already have one, email or drop a copy in to the school office for our records. These clearances are valid for 5 years from the date on the clearance.


(Responding to Abuse and Neglect) for Volunteers - is now available online

To Access the online RRHAN for Volunteers go to  and search for RRHAN training for volunteers

In this session you will learn about your obligations as a mandated notifier and the circumstances that could make children and young people vulnerable to harm. It also has information about protective practices.


Once the school has received your child related WWCC clearance and a copy of the RRHAN for Volunteers certificate, completed and signed the Volunteer Application Form, Volunteer agreement and the forms in the Volunteer Package (available from the school office) you are eligible to volunteer at school.  Teachers must verify that records have been presented to the office before volunteers are able to work with / transport students.

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