Year 7 & 8 Applications for 2022

Important Information


The application process is online for 2022 for Year 6 adn 7 students  -   In Term 2 there will be further information for parents regarding the process.  

At the present time we are asking that parents update their record details by giving us their current email address.

 Guideline for Information for applications 


  • Tuesday 27th April ENROLMENT PACKS - to parents

  • Friday 21st May Last Day for parents to submit registration through online form, or return form to primary school to enter into transition portal

  • Friday 13th August Enrolment offers to students

  • Friday 27th August Closing date - Request for Review of Application to Out of Zone School

  • Friday 17th September Review outcomes sent

  • Monday 11th October Waiting Lists activated by high schools (Term 4 Day 1)



  • Out of zone / district – If you Do Not Want your child to Attend the school that they have been allocated to. – see note attached.

    • Proof of Residence – if you have recently moved, or if you move after the enrolment process - you must provide proof of residence, either a Utilities bill with your name and new address or

    • If you are the owner/occupier – a copy of the contract of sale for the property or a recent council rates notice, and a recent gas or electricity bill for that property.

  • If you are renting, a rental agreement and a bond receipt lodged with Consumer and Business Services showing the current place of residence – the rental must show it is for the first 12motnths the child will be attending the school and a recent gas or electricity bill for that property.

  • Separated / divorced parents – every effort must be made to have both parents sign the enrolment form unless there are custody papers in place to the contrary. You may choose which parents address you wish to have as the enrolling address. See Sue for further information.

  • Siblings – including step siblings - Are guaranteed placement at the same school. - See note attached.

    • Student ID – of sibling attending the high school must be copied and attached to the enrolment form.

  • Applications for a Non Government School – fill out Section 5 - This indicates that your child has been accepted at the Non Government School and a place will not be held in a Government School for them. See Sue if you have any questions. Ie if you have applied for a government school and still wish to have a place kept at a government school.

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students – to take advantage of your right to attend any high school you wish - fill out the ENTER FOR SUCCESS form in the enrolment pack and return with your application to the front office, East Para Primary School. See Sue for more information.

  • ACCEPTANCE PACKS please return completed and signed forms to East Para Primary School office for forwarding to the high school.

  • Birth Certificate – Please include your child’s birth certificate as proof of name with the Enrolment form. All students will be enrolled at the high school by their Birth name unless legally changed. If your child has changed their surname, please include the change of name document.

  • Proof of Address –If you have changed your address, you must include proof of address with the Enrolment form. A copy of a Rate or Utility Bill with your name and address will be accepted.


If you have any questions, please drop in or phone me at the front office for information. I will be at the school during the holidays, if you would like to phone or meet me then.